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Hello erverybody,

It seems we have the worst drivers here in Huntsville. What’s wrong with the motorists here in Huntsville Alabama? Have they never really learned to observe the traffic rules (yes, they also apply here)? Or are you not able to operate your vehicle correctly (indicators)? I have put here once a video from YouTube online on which one can see quite well, what here so everything does not run correctly. And the worst part of the whole story is that the police are usually idle. It seems to me almost as if it would be a Hobbie to disregard as many traffic rules as possible. Otherwise it is hardly explainable that not a day goes by where you do not see anyone during a drive by Huntsville the right of way ignores, his blinker does not use, with red over the traffic lights drives not to mention the speed limits which are regarded rather as recommendation here however completely obviously nobody seems to hold to it. So it is high time the HPD (Huntsville police department) finally does its work and intervenes. The only thing that seems to be regularly checked here are the speed limits at schools.

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