When I read the german news I noticed that I mostly red that refugees / foreigners ask the wrong question!

Instead of asking „What I can do for Germany?“ they only ask „What Germany can do for me?“ to get integrated.

The people expect that other people take care about them.

But I never would come on that idea to go with street shoes into a mosque because I know it’s against their believes. Also never would come on that idea to ask for pork meat in as muslim country, go half naked through the streets or do other things what would be for me normal but in a other counties not.

The same with the language, when I emigrate / refuge into a other country I also would try (if it works is a other story) to learn the language of the country, but in Germany they expect that we speak their language or englisch and here also exist some people in Germany who are living here for 20 years (also working) and don’t speak one word german.

You definitely feel wrong when you stand in the line to pay things at Aldi and the refugee is arguing with the cashier and call her a racist because (do to the rules) she don’t want hand him out the rest money from the food coupon and tell (what he don’t want to hear) the refugee that he is allowed to buy food for the rest of the money and that she is not allowed to hand him out the rest of the money.

The same with the headscarves, the muslim woman who decided to wear a headscarves right now blame the german people for that, that they are in many jobs not allowed to wear the headscarves. What is wrong with this people? In their own country they don’t wear headscarves or are not allowed to do so but here they are crying for discrimination?

In other countries they don’t get welfare and in Germany they are grumbling that they only get food coupons and free living?

So something is definitely goes wrong in that country and the politicians do the rest that it gets more and more worse!