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When I read the following article at Focus today: „Publisher defends prejudices against copyright: Fear of censorship is unfounded“ I only thought „Rarely read such a crap that is so wrong in terms of content as it can only be.

It seems that the Focus editorial team is also blowing the same horn as the Pro Article 13 Group.

There is no other explanation for saying that freedom of expression in Europe will not disappear through Article 13. Fact is that this law, which was originally made for Facebook, Google and Co is not the big companies meets but only the small companies and forums which can not afford it financially upload filters to buy and maintain. On the other hand it will also be damn hard to maintain these filters as it is not only music and videos that are affected but also texts. Thus I would have to have e.g. the complete diary of Anne Frank in the filter to be able to decide whether passages from it were uploaded in a contribution. But this is only one of many examples. Who would then like to enter these huge amounts of data into a filter? With music or videos this may still be simple but with texts almost impossible. Thus the small man is then punished for what big companies consciously try to circumvent. Of course, authors should be paid for their works, but please not on the back of the small man and especially not at the expense of freedom of expression. For me it already makes a difference whether I harass a small forum where possibly now and then a protected text is unknowingly published or a large provider such as Google the millions earns at copyright infringements and it also can afford to develop appropriate filters which prevent this. Fact is also that the big companies will delete in the future rather too much than too little to not be prosecuted for copyright infringements. The article also states that EU legislation has yet to be transposed into national law. That is correct fact remains it however also that this will happen if the law is only once adopted. Therefore we should all fight for our highest good of freedom of expression which I see more and more in danger in Europe and this only because the right holders, the right to remuneration see higher than the right of freedom of expression, which in my eyes is at least as much if not more valuable.