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For several years I have been a happy user of Postbox, an email client that had some advantages over Thunderbird, even though it was based on it. This email client will be sold by Postbox-inc.

Obviously Postbox-inc who sell the licenses for the Postbox Client now tries to invent the wheel twice and to sell their customers for stupid.

A nice design alone does not make a good email client and a good email client either contains all necessary components or, in case of doubt, I have it extended accordingly.


Postbox is built using Mozilla code, and as of Firefox Quantum, XUL-based add-ons are no longer supported by the Mozilla platform. Consequently, future versions of Postbox will no longer support add-ons, starting with Postbox 6.

Add-ons from Postbox, Inc. such as Cloud File Sharing, Signatures, and Responses have been added to the core Postbox 6 product.

If you believe the statement, then Mozilla, who provide the Thunderbird client (for free), discontinued support for addons.

I simply downloaded the daily (the last (V62.0a1) client to show that this is untruthful. As you can see, add-on are still supported.


So of course I ask myself (apart from the design) what functions remain that justify the purchase of the software?
So let’s take a look at the so-called advantages of postbox:

Email Client Features

Feature: Thunderbird: Postbox:
Imap Limiting (limit fetch per folder) No Yes
Dictonaries Yes Yes
Add-on Yes No
Encryption (PGP) Yes No
Customize design (Themes) Yes No
Support Windows Yes Yes
Support OSX Yes Yes
Support Linux Yes No
64bit support Yes No

So in summary, the only thing that remains is a crippled Thunderbird client with no significant advantage. What my personal opinion is after an extensive test of version 6 of Postbox.

So the best advice I can give is, save your money and customize thunderbird by yourself.