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Leather Case

Hello, today I would like to write a short testimonial about Apple protective cases for the iphone 12 / pro.

When I bought my iphone 12 Pro, I had originally opted for a clear case from Apple which, thanks to Magsafe, has already cost $49.

About the old case:

Unfortunately, I had to find out during use that this had two major drawbacks. Firstly, the pressure point of the buttons is so stiff due to the extremely hard plastic that you have to use a lot of force to operate the power button or the loud and quiet buttons. The other problem is that the bottom of the protective case of the iPhone is not protected on the one hand, and on the other hand, when unlocking the iPhone, the protective film is constantly lifted so that you have a lot of air under the protective glass after a short time.

Apple clear caseAbout the new case:

So I decided to exchange this case for a leather case from Apple, which is $10 more expensive, so it costs $59 at Apple, but on the one hand is completely closed and on the other hand has an excellent pressure point regarding the buttons. The cutouts for the speakers, camera, Lightning and the mute button are excellently placed, the leather feels quite high quality and it also looks very high quality. Thus, I can only give this case an absolute buy recommendation for people who are looking for a leather protective case.

Apple brown leather case iphone 12 proMabe the picture shows not the exact colour because in real life it looks more dark on the picture. So the best thing you can do if you don’t order the case for the iphone online take a look in the shop. The red by the way also is a really nice color special if you use it like me with the „pacific blue“ iphone.