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European Union Flag
European Union Flag

Five million people I think simply cannot be wrong when it came to voting on whether to abolish summer and winter time change.

Now only the politicians have to agree which time is valid in Europe, i.e. whether to change permanently to the summer time or the winter time.

But as it looks at present, many cooks spoil the broth. This means that there will probably be more time zones within the European Union in the future.

What interests me of course is what it looks like with the rest of the world, which is not really unimportant. What about the United States, for example? Will they then follow the EU’s good example or will there continue to be a pointless time change?

Now some people will wonder why this is interesting?! For example, it is interesting for people like me who live in the USA but work for a German company from 6:00 – 18:00. If daylight savings time is the same for both, it may not matter, but if the USA changes from daylight savings time to winter time for 5 months. As you can see this would have clear effects for me, i.e. the customer I work for would no longer get what he would pay for.

But let us be surprised how thoroughly the EU and or perhaps the thorough Germans have to think about it before the plan is implemented.