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According to reports, soon to be obligated to offer messengers on request the contents of end to end encrypted conversations to the state will be obliged to pass.
One asks oneself as a normal thinking citizen where all this should lead? What do we need encryption for if the state tries to undermine it anyway? What are for me as a law-abiding citizen the alternatives to communicate without someone being able to read them?

In addition to the fact that the state is interfering more and more in things that do not concern it, there is also the fact that criminals will surely find a way to encrypt their messages in such a way that the state will not be able to read them even after the invasion of our privacy.

When will people in Germany finally wake up and defend themselves against interference in their private lives? It is therefore 5 to 12 finally to go on the street and show the state that it does not work like that!

Very often I lead myself like a lamb to the slaughter! I also think that the federal government is less and less interested in what the citizens who voted for them think or really want. Also most parties unfortunately forgot their promises shortly after the election. True to the motto: „What do I care about my talk of yesterday?

I also think that we have a right to protect our conversations through encryption and the state has no right to trample this right underfoot.