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How Data security is handled…

While companies and business owners are struggling to comply with the DSGVO, data octopuses like Facebook simply go and remove their sites from Europe. Thus it seems to me as with Asterix and Obelix that a community of states tries to enforce stricter data protection while they are laughed at by large companies outside of Europe which have the appropriate resources and are shown the middle finger.

So strict data protection applies in Europe but only in Europe while the rest of the world cares a damn and the stupid Europeans still laugh at their efforts.

But wait there is more …

Instead of punishing the big data robbers, it now hits the small ones you can get hold of.

Somehow a very wrong world. That would be like blaming a store owner for someone else stealing things from their customers. My personal opinion on this is that one can also exaggerate the apparently much-loved data protection in Europe. In addition, as with Whatsapp, for example, some abstruse things cannot be realized at all. (At the moment) There one can only choose then whether one acts against the law or simply renounces some things then simply thanks to data security.