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About me

About me and my world



At the 7th february 1967 I was born in Essen what will be in North Rhine Westfalia. After I finished my school career, I think about how it has to go on.


After careful consideration, I decided to take a craft and conferring and learned to be a carpenter. One year after finishing my schooling, I saw that I can't do this job any longer because health problems with my back.
So I decided not to throw away anything and started my career as an technical painter in architecture.

After I finished to learn this job, that the amount I earned would be not enough to have a family. So I jobbed one year here and there till I found vocation as an outsider in telecommunication.

Like I seen into my career, for the most german companies, it's more important that the employee have certificates (like MCP, MCSE etc.) than professional knowledge and experience. So I decided after I lost my job do to operating activities to make a course to be an CEFOSS. 

Here I had the possibility my knowledge into Linux, PHP, HTML and Opensource deepen partially. Unfortunately, the subjects were treated only superficially so that I was forced in that for me interesting areas like HTML, CSS, Linux and also Opensource delve into self-directed.

Currently I have my job shifted from pure 1st and 2nd level support to field support, what brings me more fun into my job then only sitting at the phone and help people only by phone. So I'm able to get direct contact with my customers. Think that's also the reason why I like it very much to help people also private with problems with Apple OSX, Windows and Linux System. Also private help people in networking and other computer related themes.

In October 2014 I moved to Huntsville Alabama and get married with my wife since the 18th September 2014.


Like you can see here on that page but also at my gallery I really like to photograph and show people the world with my eyes.
A other big hobby from me what I do since I’m 8 y.o. is horse back riding.

For further questions please feel so free to contact me over my contact form.