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Welcome to Hans little world


welcome to my page. Nice that you found my webpage into the world wide web. On my homepage you can find useful tips, you can read my meanings about different things out of politics, lifestyle, or poetry. You can see the world with my eyes on my
gallery or you can read on my MAC-BLOG themes around Apple, Linux, Windows and Android. But on my page if you are interested you also can read a little bit about my history and what made me to the person who I’m now.
Feel free to send me over my
contact form a message.

But now I wish you a lot of fun with "Hans little world" and maybe you also can take a look through my eyes.
Hans Glomme
When law is wrong, resistance becomes a duty!
B. Brecht
Wischdom is having
the intuition to
get out of your own way.
Yours Truly